How are you doing?

I’m Laurie Bartlett.

This is my website and this is my story:

I started out by making this website in the 2016.

Hoping to make a career out of doing what I loved, I decided to focus on creative design.

I had graduated from school with a Certificate III in Business and a Certificate IV in Marketing but with no certain job.

So, with these qualifications and no other form of income I began my business.

The Need

I had seen the need for more creativity in today’s online age.

The barrier of entry into this online world was incredibly low. Thus many, after being inspired by stories of online success, wanted to give online money-making a go.

But, unfortunately, a large percentage of the failed miserably because they lacked the ability to market their product creatively in the changing and volatile environment we call the Internet.

The Solution

This creative online world was my area of expertise.

I could help these people, so I began my business serving what I hoped was a profitable niche. Providing creative solutions at an affordable price.

My goal was to become a first-choice provider of creativity to those who either didn’t have the time or the skills.

Thus my business and its name: ‘Contract Creativity’

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