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If you want a marketing agency that does whatever it takes,
then you can stop reading now.

Contract Creativity isn’t your average marketing agency.

We build your brand the right way,

We don’t use grey tactics to promote your website,

And we most certainly don’t do whatever it takes to promote your business.

There’s a line, and we won’t cross it.

Not just because doing so would be questionable at best,

But also because tactics like these can be extremely detrimental to a business.

(Not to mention the fact that, when done properly, white-hat tactics provide much higher ROI anyway)

So, if you want those kinds of borderline, unethical, risky tactics, you can look elsewhere.

The majority of SEO and Marketing Companies are scams

A majority of the companies selling SEO or Marketing services that you see online or that contact you on the phone or by email are what I would call scams.

They either outright take your money and give little-to-nothing in return, or they use questionable tactics that can cause more harm than good.

And, even worse, some of these companies claim to use white-hat ethical tactics, but a look under the hood often reveals an entirely different story.

This situation has become so bad in Australia, that the Small Business Ombudsman called on the ACCC to investigate.

The Tricks and Traps of Modern Marketing Agencies

I know first-hand the level some marketing agencies stoop to.

I used to work at a manufacturing company helping with their marketing,

And we had a contract with a reasonably well-known marketing company who was looking after our online ad campaigns, our website, and our SEO.

At that time I was still learning the basics of SEO,

(and my agency, Contract Creativity, was barely in its infancy),

But even then, when I had a look at the website they built and optimised, it was littered with the telltale signs of grey-hat SEO work.

So I confronted them about it.

Their reply was basically, “Yeah…so?”

They didn’t seem to mind that what they were doing was directly against Google’s guidelines,

And they didn’t seem to mind that if Google changed its algorithm, our website could lose more than 75% of its authority, overnight.

I decided then and there that we wanted to get away from them as soon as possible.

Guess how long it took us to get untangled?

A little over two years.


Because, firstly, they had built our website using their proprietary system, meaning we had to rebuild our site from scratch.

Secondly, when we walked away, they would stop their SEO tactics, and overnight our website would lose around 80% of its links.

This was because they were using a tactic called PBN link-building, where they build multiple blog websites and fill them with content and links that point to our website.

This tactic worked because when Google sees a lot of links pointing to a website, it pushes that website up in its search results.

But if we walked away, the agency would remove all the PBN sites, we’d lose 80% of our backlinks overnight, and our rankings would drop accordingly.

So we had to spend over two years, doing proper SEO and content marketing, before we could finally get out.

The above image shows the first page of link analysis for another one of that company’s clients. Of the top 22 domains linking to their website 19 are either PBNs or link databases. Of their entire link profile about 53% are from PBNs (black-hat), about 32% from link databases (gray-hat), and only 13% are legitimate links.

Thankfully, some agencies are a cut above the rest.

Fortunately, some marketing agencies don’t stoop to this level, and instead, stick to doing marketing the right way.

And while we can’t speak for all marketing agencies, we can speak for Contract Creativity.

We don’t use questionable tactics.

We don’t hold your site hostage.

And we don’t do whatever it takes.

We don’t try to lock you in and keep you from going elsewhere.

We understand that you might want to change agencies…

Or move your marketing in-house.

And we don’t try to prevent you from doing that.

We use industry-standard third-party tools that anyone, including you, can use.

We don’t lock you in with proprietary systems.

We can even train you, or your team, to use the systems we use.

We understand that you are in control of your marketing, and it is our job to help, not to take over

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